04/13/2015 02:45 EDT | Updated 04/15/2015 09:59 EDT

Pornhub-Watcher 'Had No Other Choice' When His Mom Came Up The Stairs

It's a situation that many young men can relate to.

They're alone in their rooms, watching pornography, when suddenly they hear their parents approaching. Right away, they try to close the windows they have open, or clear their browsing history. But what can they do when the browser freezes up?

That's the conundrum that London Twitter user @DenzelMichaelUK apparently faced when he was watching Pornhub and heard his mother coming up the stairs.

He posted a photo of a broken laptop and said it was all he could do as his mom was approaching.

Users asked why he didn't just close the laptop, take out the battery or hold the power button.

"You're terrible under pressure aren't you mate," one asked.

To that, @DenzelMichaelUK posted a photo of Argentinian soccer player Javier Mascherano, who hurt his head, and also said he tore his anus while trying to stop a goal in the World Cup.

Smashing your laptop isn't quite the smoothest move. But hey, when desperate times call for desperate measures...

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