05/29/2015 11:13 EDT

Roncesvalles Peacock Jumps From Rooftop To Rooftop, Captivates Us All (VIDEO)

In the future, we will tell our great-grandchildren stories of the most captivating events of our lives, and when we can't think of anything exciting that happened because we were all on the Internet, we will wax poetic about this:


Yes, that is a majestic peacock gliding through Toronto's Roncesvalles neighbourhood. Police have been looking for the aspiring Cirque du Soleil bird since it escaped the High Park Zoo on Wednesday, according to the Toronto Star.

peacock 2

Thanks a lot, Toronto housing market. I can't afford any of these homes! Also, I am a peacock.

Toronto, which blessed the world with the unbelievable tale of the IKEA monkey, was naturally captivated by the fowl's feat, and of course someone had to make it a Twitter profile.

YouTube user Nick Moses uploaded a video Friday (embedded above) of the escapee, and Twitter users shared photos.

Nicole Ware, a Toronto Animal Services spokesperson, said "something gets out of High Park" every year, according to CTV News. So hang tight for next year's installment of Toronto Animals Breaking Free™. (Not actually trademarked.)

Will the authorities catch the feathered bandit? We'll let you know when (or if) they do. In the meantime:

Darwin The IKEA Monkey