05/30/2015 03:24 EDT | Updated 05/30/2015 04:59 EDT

Toronto Peacock Still Free, Hanging Out On Rooftops (VIDEO)

Toronto's escaped peacock is not only still free, but it appears to be so elusive that the city's animal services department is no longer actively pursing the bird, according to CBC News.

And it's hard to blame them. A video uploaded to YouTube Friday by Tony Massil shows the fugitive fowl nonchalantly evading the workers' attempts to catch it.

This didn't work so well.

"Everyone's house is so close together that I imagine the peacock was just able to jump from roof to roof, evading those trying to catch him," Massil said in an email to HuffPost Canada.


Massil said that one worker from animal services, seen above holding the net, had been hunting the bird down for 11 hours.

The clip, appropriately set to Queen's "I Want To Break Free," shows excited children and a news crew at the scene following along as the workers tried to catch the bird.

"Kids gathered and seemed pretty entertained, [there] was a pretty light-hearted neighbourhood feel to the whole thing," Massil said.


The bird was last seen Saturday morning near Galley and Garden Avenues, according to AM 640. Animal services are waiting for it to go home on its own.

"It was a beautiful peacock, seems nice that it has a bit of freedom for now," Massil said.

"My girlfriend and I are about to move back to Vancouver in a few days, but if the city keeps excitement like this up, we might have to reconsider."

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