07/09/2015 03:46 EDT | Updated 07/10/2015 02:00 EDT

Vancouver Canucks Tweet Another Insensitive Photo

Someone has not been reading the news at the Vancouver Canucks organization.

Earlier this week, the team had to apologize for tweeting a photo of some prospects building a campfire — while the province is under a complete ban on open fires. Almost 200 wildfires are burning across B.C.

Just three days later, the team posted a shot of prospects using a water hose to knock over wood posts — while many parts of B.C. are under water usage restrictions.

"First you're lighting fires, now you're wasting water!" was just one of the many swift and critical online reactions.

The Canucks' president, Trevor Linden, apologized on Wednesday for the team's two tweets.

"Given the circumstances in our province right now and throughout the country, we admit that these were some poorly timed decisions on our behalf. On behalf of our club, I just want to say we apologize for that and we are truly sorry," he told CBC Radio.

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