07/30/2015 02:41 EDT | Updated 07/30/2015 02:59 EDT

Pan Am Games Furniture, Medical Equipment And More Now For Sale

As promised before the Pan Am Games even started, plenty of items used but a few times in the Athletes' Village (and elsewhere) are now up for grabs by the public.

But before you get yourself too excited about those purple beanbag chairs, there's a caveat — a lot of them come in bulk. Like, 50 drying racks kind of bulk.

So, if you're in the market to furnish a hotel or summer camp, your deals are waiting for you. We sussed out a few of the options for regular folks to get their hands on too, and yes, there are definitely steals to be had.

Just keep in mind, many of these items will be used for the Para Pan Am Games as well, so pickup or delivery won't happen until the end of August. As well, you have to bid on each individual item, so even though there are approximately 40 washing machines listed on the site, you only get the one you bid on.

Check out these previously loved items from the Pan Am Games for your home. Who knows, you could soon be using a nightstand once touched by a gold medal winner:

Pan Am Games Furniture