08/07/2015 03:03 EDT | Updated 08/07/2015 05:59 EDT

7 Sassiest Burns From A Bunch Of People Vying To Be Prime Minister

"Nobody believes you." OUCH.

No. 1

On the topic of the NDP’s Sherbrooke declaration, Thomas Mulcair grilled Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau on Quebec sovereignty, pressing him to reveal “his number.”

“You want a number… I’ll give you a number. Nine. Nine Supreme Court justices said one vote is not enough to break up this country.”

Point: Trudeau

No. 2

Another stinger in the Quebec sovereignty discussion when Stephen Harper jumped into the conversation.

“Why is Mr. Mulcair trying to throw gasoline on a fire that isn’t even burning?”

Point: Harper

No. 3

When Harper talked about how his government reduced greenhouse gases and Trudeau interjected.

“Nobody believes you.”

Point: Trudeau

No. 4

Trudeau’s response to Harper talking about the government’s environmental record.

“Mr. Harper, nobody believes you on the environment.”

Point: Trudeau

No. 5

When the recession came up and the NDP squeezed in a economy burn.

“Well, you know, Stephen Harper is the only prime minister in Canadian history who, when asked about the recession during his mandate, gets to say, “Which one?”

Point: Mulcair

No. 6

On the subject of democracy, Harper brought up his promise he wouldn’t appoint new senators as an action he took to address the Senate scandal. And Green Party Leader Elizabeth May lambasted him a near knock-out punch of a line.

“Yeah. Well, with all due respect, Mr. Prime Minister, whoever gave you the advice that simply announcing you wouldn’t appoint senators is constitutional needs to go back to law school.”

Point: May

No. 7

When introducing the second part of the night’s discussion on foreign policy, the debate moderator asked Trudeau a sharply-worded question.

“Why do these issues raise the most persistent questions about your judgment?”

Point: Moderator Paul Wells

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