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B.C. Orcas Frolic Off Galiano Island

Ain't no party like an orca party, 'cause an orca party don't stop!

Ain't no party like an orca party, 'cause an orca party don't stop!

Two groups of killer whales were spotted playing together near B.C.'s Galiano Island on Sunday, and it was an incredible sight. (Watch above.)

Gary Cullen caught the show from his home near Active Pass, which is between Galiano and Mayne Islands, and later uploaded the footage to YouTube.

He estimated that about 50 whales from the J and L pods of southern resident orcas were hanging out together.

The younger whales could be seen breaching over and over, while the adults swam side by side.

"Being very social animals, I suspect they were simply enjoying each other's company," Cullen told HuffPost B.C. in an email. "They were breaching and spy-hopping on and off, all the way through the pass. [It] took them about a half hour to all go all the way through."

Cullen said he and his wife Karoline often see the orca families passing by.

He shoots video whenever it happens, while Karoline takes photos for her website.

"May through August, they travel through Active Pass a few times a week," Cullen said. "The trick is to catch them when they do."

B.C.'s population of southern resident orcas has enjoyed a baby boom over the past year, with four babies being born to three different pods between December 2014 and March 2015.

As for anyone looking for a first-hand look at the orcas, Cullen recommends Bellhouse Park on the pass' east end.

All you need is a little luck.

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