09/15/2015 08:21 EDT | Updated 09/15/2015 08:59 EDT

Orca Chases Fishermen's Powerboat Off San Diego Coast

Orcas aren't always this ... chase-y.

A pair of fishermen were trailed by more than they could ever catch after stumbling on a pod of about 30 orcas off the coast of San Diego last week.

A video posted to YouTube Sunday shows killer whales surrounding a boat — both from above and below the surface — with at least one of the animals chasing the fishermen when they tried to get away.

Around the video's one-minute mark, an orca can be seen under the water, just behind the boat's motor before it leaps into the vessel's wake, in a scene that reminded us of "Jaws."

The encounter happened about "five miles [8 kilometres] off Point Loma," said the YouTube description, which added that the whales ranged from young to old.

Massive pods of whales regularly make appearances off Canada's West Coast.

But they usually don't give chase like this.

These fishermen are going to need a bigger powerboat.

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