09/25/2015 03:34 EDT | Updated 09/25/2015 04:59 EDT

I Replicated Kanye West's Fashion Line With Pantyhose And A Trip To The Thrift Store

Definitive proof Kanye West is not a designer.

Questionable acts aside, Kanye West has proven that he’s a monumentally talented artist. After all, who can deny the ear candy he’s bestowed on us over the years? I’m talking about the entire College Dropout album and more recently, “FourFiveSeconds”, both of which are acts of pure musical genius.

That being said, I can also say with a hundred per cent certainty that West is not a designer. Maybe he’s an acceptable stylist, an artistic visionary even but he can’t design clothing. Even Anna Wintour’s presence at his latest show won’t convince me otherwise.

The Cut's renowned fashion critic, Cathy Horyn, was brave enough to say what a lot of people were likely thinking. The fact is, West’s latest collection is essentially a bunch of Spanx layered on top of each other and devoid of any considerations made to design principles, colour, composition. You know -- things fashion designers typically agonize over before producing their collections.

I was convinced I could nail Yeezy’s runway looks with a quick trip to the thrift store and a rummage through my hosiery drawer. For less than $30 and an hour out of my existence, I believe I made a convincing case for my argument. We love you Kanye, but don’t quit your day job and I won’t quit mine to become a Spanx model.

Here's what I came up with:

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