11/04/2015 02:48 EST | Updated 11/04/2015 04:59 EST

Justin Trudeau Live: New Prime Minister's First Meeting Was With School Kids

Wednesday was a busy day for Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It started with his swearing-in ceremony, and was followed by introducing the world to the federal cabinet and addressing the media. But that didn't mean he didn't have time to host a Google Hangout with Canadian classrooms from across the country.

School children from schools in Repulse Bay, Nunavut, Toronto, Gatineau, Que., Winnipeg and Sydney, N.S., were invited to ask the prime minister questions while others watched the live stream.

After a delayed start, Trudeau started talking to the kids in both English and French. The first question he took was from the class in Nunavut. The student asked: "What do you know about us and Inuit culture?"

Trudeau reflected on his trips up north since he was a child and expressed his love of the north. He added: "Canada needs to do a better job of giving opportunities and support for the people in the north."

Other questions included those about tax cuts, child benefits and immigration. The last question was about the lessons he learned while teaching. You can watch the segment in full in the video above.

The Hangout with schools falls in line with the prime minister's background as an educator. He began his career teaching at several schools in B.C.

Trudeau closed the session by offering his biggest challenge in his new role: "Not getting wrapped up in this job and staying connected with the Canadians who elected me."

From the comments that came in during the live stream, Canadians were appreciative of the new prime minister's inclusion and openness.

"It feels good to have an open government ... not like the dark days of the past," said one.

Another added: "A PM speaking to youth, who can't even vote, is a great change for Canada!"

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