11/11/2015 02:15 EST | Updated 11/11/2015 02:59 EST

Men's Winter Coats: The Top 10 Trends For 2015

While menswear spending continues to outpace womenswear in terms of growth, for some men, dressing well is still a seasonal (read: daily) struggle. As we teeter on the precipice of four months of bone-chilling temperatures, near-apocalyptic levels of snow and other unpredictable weather variables, it’s understandable how many guys would rather just hibernate their style until spring.

For the all-season sartorialist, however, bowing to meteorological pressure is letting Mother Nature win. To him, looking good and surviving the cold are not mutually exclusive concepts. Rather, marrying them is an invigorating challenge. In the war on winter, he builds an armour of gloves, scarves and thick-knit sweaters in an effort to slay the cold. His perennial secret weapon? A killer coat.

The biggest men’s winter coat trends for 2015 are shaped heavily by military and '70s sensibilities: mostly a range of double-breasted, trench and shearling versions. Modernist and dystopian styles are also a popular look this year (thanks, Yeezy), as well as more traditional styles like parkas and pea coats. While black will always the new black for winter outerwear, other popular hues for 2015 include camel, check, navy and military green.

Check out these men’s winter coats for 2015 that will help you stay alive and stylish.

Men's Winter Coat Trends 2015

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