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Tips And Stretches To Relieve Back Pain

Plus tips to keep you from further damaging your back!

Sitting at a desk all day doesn't seem like it could cause back pain, but the reality is extended sitting not only causes lower back pain, it makes existing problems significantly worse.

In the infographic below by Peek and Co., we learn five stretches that can be done in five minutes for lower back pain relief. And this handy chart even includes tips to prevent back pain in the future.

According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association, 85 per cent of working Canadians will experience lower back pain in their lifetime.

Posture specialist Esther Gokhale says the leading cause of lower back pain is spine positioning. According to Gokhale, the human spine should make a J shape, and not an S shape as we currently believe it should be.

Check out the slideshow below for 15 more lower back exercises that can build strength and relieve pain.

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