12/11/2015 01:48 EST | Updated 12/11/2015 01:59 EST

Canadian Kids Welcoming Syrian Kids Is The Sweetest Thing

“Bienvenue au Canada mes amis. We’re so glad to have you here.”

On Thursday night, Canada welcomed the first large group of Syrian refugees to the country. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at Pearson International Airport in Toronto to greet them, Canadians who could not be there found more creative ways to welcome their new neighbours.

In a YouTube video posted by World Vision Canada, kids from across the country sent their well wishes to Syrian refugees. “I hope you guys enjoy your stay,” one boy said.

“Bienvenue au Canada mes amis,” another said. “We’re so glad to have you here.”

Knowing how frightening moving to a new place can be, some even listed great reasons why Syrian kids would come to love the Great White North. “Everyone likes Canada because we have all four seasons,” one boy noted.

Another chanted, “We love Timbits and we go to Tim Hortons!”

But the most thoughtful and touching messages the kids expressed to Syrian children was the overwhelming desire to be their friend. “I’m gonna be your friend,” one girl simply stated. “I love you.”

Watch the full 2-minute clip above.

World Vision created the video using clips that were sent to them by email.

“There’s something so overwhelming and touching in seeing how kids respond to the idea of people being forced to flee their country," said Hugh Brewster, national manager for Canadian programs at World Vision.

"Kids can really teach us a lot about what it means to really open our hearts to new people.”

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