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The Biggest Transgender Moments In Fashion In 2015

It’s been said before that “diversity” was a huge buzzword for fashion in 2015. Though it has often taken the form of clickbait headlines, for the transgender community, the ramifications of acceptance have been nothing less than groundbreaking. From receiving no representation in 2014 to much-publicized campaigns and magazine covers, it seems history is being made and the cultural zeitgeist advanced on practically a monthly basis.

While many would dispute her qualifications as a spokesperson for the community, it is undeniable that Caitlyn Jenner’s public self-identification as a trans person (via her Diane Sawyer interview, Vanity Fair cover article and subsequent reality television series “I am Cait”) thrust the topic into the mainstream conversation. Fashion joined in the dialogue as well, though whether it was for exploitive or altruistic reasons is a matter of opinion.

To celebrate the year’s progress, here are the biggest trans moments in fashion in 2015.

  • Caitlyn Jenner Covers Vanity Fair
    Vanity Fair
    Love her or hate her, Caitlyn Jenner’s role as an Olympic hero, reality television star and member of America’s most recognized (read: infamous) family allowed her the sort of cross-generational fame to make her public “coming out” as transgender not only newsworthy, but culture changing. The issue of Vanity Fair she fronted was the most sold magazine cover of 2015 and, in true Kardashian fashion, she leveraged into huge social media gains; Jenner now has the world record for the fastest-grossing Twitter account. While the magazine cover made her the face for the transgender community, whether she is suitable for role remains largely controversial.
  • & Other Stories Launches World’s First All-Transgender Campaign
    & Other Stories
    H&M sister brand & Other Stories launched a campaign for an athleisure capsule collection in August featuring trans-identified models Hari Nef and Valentijn De Hingh. Even more groundbreaking? Photographer Amos Mac, stylist Love Bailey and makeup artist Nina Poon also all identify as transgender, too.
  • Thix Creates Period-Proof Underwear (And Campaign) for Transmen
    When Thinx announced their period-proof panties, they received significant criticism from the transman community. Their concerns centred around the design, which is in the shape of traditional female underwear. In response, Thinx created gender-neutral period-proof boxer briefs and launched an accompanying campaign featuring trans Instagram artist Sawyer Devuyst.
  • Slay Model Management, World’s First All-Trans Modelling Agency, Comes to LA
    Facebook/Slay Model Management
    Previously an extension of Apple Models Management, a Bangkok-based agency with both transgender and cisgender models, Slay Model Management creator Cecilio Asuncion decided to break away and launch what he calls the world’s first trans-exclusive modelling agency in LA. Toronto, take note.
  • Andreja Pejic Becomes First Transgender Model To Land Major Beauty Campaign
    Make Up For Ever
    Model Andreja Pejic’s career has been on an unprecedented rise in 2015. In April, it was announced she would be the first trans model to front a major campaign as the face of Make Up For Ever. (NOTE: Lea T did do a campaign for Redken last year, but let’s not split hairs.) Since then, Pejic has gone on to do major interviews with Vogue and ID and landed another huge campaign, this time with Kenneth Cole.
  • 'Zoolander 2' Trailer Called Transphobic
    While "Zoolander" was less about the fashion industry so much as a satire of it, many have said Benedict’s Cumberbatch androgynous model role in its sequel, as previewed in the trailer, is blatantly transphobic. An online petition to boycott the film has received approximately 22,000 signatures to date.

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