12/30/2015 03:17 EST | Updated 12/30/2015 03:59 EST

Toronto Raccoon Caught On Video Stealing Doughnut

New York has pizza rat. Toronto has doughnut raccoon? YouTube user Peter J. caught one of the bandit-masked animals descending from a doughnut store ceiling and pilfering a pastry.

Peter Jensen, who shot the video at a Toronto doughnut shop, told Buzzfeed Canada that the crowd cheered when the furry thief got away with his loot.

Toronto has had a rash of raccoon-related news this year. Earlier this year, a raccoon found himself stuck some 200 metres up a construction crane. This summer saw the internet when Torontonians paid a humorous tribute to Conrad, a dead raccoon found on the city's sidewalk.

More seriously, a Toronto police officer was sent to hospital after being bitten by a raccoon earlier this month. A number of raccoons in nearby Hamilton also tested positive for rabies earlier this December.

Those trash pandas might not be so cute and cuddly after all.

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