01/18/2016 05:39 EST | Updated 01/19/2016 10:59 EST

New Justin Trudeau Sweater Shows A Moose-Riding Prime Minister

Forget Putin on a horse.

Forget Vladimir Putin riding a horse with no shirt on.

Try a shirtless Justin Trudeau riding a moose in the Canadian wilderness!

That image is precisely the one that appears on a "Moosin' Trudeau Sweater" by Shelfies.

The sweater shows Trudeau riding a moose in a natural setting as geese fly past him.

The Toronto-based retailer that specializes in offbeat clothes previously came up with a "Dreamy Trudeau Sweater" that was released shortly after he led the Liberals to a majority government.

That sweater showed Trudeau riding a horse against a natural backdrop surrounded by stars.

Trudeau also signed the sweater bearing his likeness, worn on Shelfies CEO, Nicholas Montgomery.

"Moosin' Trudeau" is selling for $44.99. It is available in several sizes from extra-small to XXL. It is also available in tank form for $29.99.

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