02/15/2016 07:53 EST | Updated 02/16/2016 04:59 EST

Marco Rubio Ad Has Vancouver Masquerading As America

A Republican candidate vying for the U.S. presidency is telling potential supporters that it's "morning again in America."

But when he says America, it kind of looks a lot like Vancouver, Canada.

Marco Rubio released a new ad on YouTube Sunday, just over a week before the South Carolina primary.

This is the first shot:

marco rubio vancouver

The city is, without question, Vancouver. It shows the Burrard Inlet with downtown Vancouver in the background, and the Harbour Centre is clearly visible.

A tugboat in the foreground is also flying a Canadian flag.

The mistake led to a round of mockery on Twitter:

Vancouver is used to playing other cities in movies, and has been referred to as Canada's Hollywood.

But starring in an American political ad? That's new.

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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