02/26/2016 03:45 EST | Updated 02/26/2016 03:59 EST

20 Bobby Pin Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

Bobby pins: they've helped us achieve the most intricate hairstyles, but we've probably lost 2,000 of them in our lifetime.


Yes, bobby pins are straight-up tricky. All we know is they're small and bound to eventually get lost, yet they've proven to be vital in many hairy situations. But most of the time we have no idea how to really use them.

In the video above, the team at Cosmopolitan have blessed us with 20 life-changing ways we can all use bobby pins. From finishing off smooth side-braids (because who really needs an elastic ruining the look?) to spraying dry shampoo on the gadget to prevent slippage, these 20 hacks will have you scrimmaging around your house looking for all those forever-lost pins that will now majorly come in handy.

And hey, if you don't like the little pins in your hair, Cosmo's gone above and beyond hair with other tricks. Yup, we're talking nail art designs and a tip straight out of the Lucy Hale handbook — how to apply fake lashes using bobby pins.

For all the hacks, watch the video above!

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