04/27/2016 02:47 EDT

Bedbugs Are Attracted To Red And Black Colours, Study Finds

Turns out pesky little bedbugs have favourite colours, at least this is what researchers believe to be true.

According to a recent report from University of Florida, bedbugs are drawn to red and black colours. The study also figured out the critters avoid colours like green and yellow — so yes, it's time to get some new bright sheets.

"It was speculated that a bedbug would go to any harborage in an attempt to hide," wrote the authors in a statement. "However, these colour experiments show that bedbugs do not hide in just any harborage; rather, they will select a harborage based on its colour when moving in the light."

The study, which was published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, also noted while it was once believed bedbugs were attracted to the colour red because of blood, it turns out red is appealing because bedbugs themselves are red-coloured.

And this colour attraction is not simple either. Researchers also noted colour preferences changed as bedbugs grew older, ate or if they were male or female. Green and yellow seemed to be avoided in general because they resembled bright areas.

If you think you're dealing with bedbugs in your home (or just getting paranoid after reading this), it's important to know where to look. Bedbugs aren't only in your bed — they can be attracted to anything from suitcases to sofas to books.

If you do spot a bedbug, don't panic. Wash your sheets or clothes immediately (toss anything out you can't wash) and call in the professionals if they don't go away.

Authors hope a study like this one can help with pest control, but also figure out the science behind colour preferences.

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