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Emily Ratajkowski Goes Nude For Harper's Bazaar, Discusses Sexuality And Shaming

The 25-year-old beauty channels Lady Godiva for new Harper's Bazaar shoot.

Emily Ratajkowski is once again getting candid about her sexuality and body. And we love her for that.

Posing nude on a majestic horse and channelling feminist icon Lady Godiva for the August 2016 issue of Harper's Bazaar, the 25-year-old actress opens up about body shaming and female nudity in an interview with famed feminist Naomi Wolf.

"I genuinely hit puberty before everyone. So I really was more sexual than my classmates," the "Gone Girl" star told Wolf. "My teachers, my boyfriends, my parents' friends didn't understand how complex it all was. Because of third-wave feminism, I understood that there are all these fucked-up ideals of beauty put on young women; that there was something to be scared about in the entertainment world."

As noted by the Daily Mail, Lady Godiva was a 13th century English noblewoman with long hair who "famously rode naked through town in protest of taxes imposed by her husband, using her sexuality for political purpose."

Because of this, Emily takes inspiration from the countess and her focus on standing up for women and their right to own their sexuality.

One example of this? Ratakowski's controversial topless selfie with Kim Kardashian West, which Emily spoke on in her interview.

When we're like...we both have nothing to wear LOL @emrata

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

"A selfie is a sort of interesting way to reclaim the gaze, right?" Emily noted. "You're looking at yourself and taking a photo while looking at everyone. But also who cares? Kim's allowed to do what she wants. So I issued a series of tweets; she sent me flowers, thanking me, which was very sweet. We ended up running into each other and had this idea to take a similar selfie with our middle fingers up."

Of course, Piers Morgan, English journalist famous for both judging America's talent and ridiculing woman's bodies, had something to say about her Harper's Bazaar shoot, taking to Twitter to ask Emily, "Do you want me to buy you some clothes? You look freezing."

But leave it up to the "Blurred Lines" video girl to eloquently shut him down in the best way possible.

Atta girl, Em!

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