CBC's Olympics Highlight Video Is Set To Tragically Hip's 'Ahead By A Century'

Ready your tissues.

Canada's experienced a lot of different emotions in the past two weeks, to put it mildly.

The swell of pride we all felt for Penny Oleksiak. The breezy victory of Andre De Grasse's bronze, silver and another bronze with the men's relay team.

The surprise medal for race walker Evan Dunfee, and the wrenching renege as the Japanese appeal was granted.

The gathering of millions of Canadians to celebrate our country's beloved Tragically Hip, and the collective anguish of knowing the show we were watching was likely the last one we would have with them. The last time we would spend with Gord.

And somehow the CBC has managed to capture all the feelings into a short Olympic recap video. The clincher: it's set to The Hip's song, "Ahead By A Century."

Ready your tissues.

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