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Breastfeeding Tattoo: Mom Shares Very Special Ink To Empower Other Mamas

"Something special to celebrate overcoming struggles with breastfeeding."

Breastfeeding is a special moment some mothers love to share with their babies. And many moms are keeping these memories with them forever by getting them tattooed.

One woman decided to share her unique ink on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, and the post was a hit!

"Had to share this with a group of ladies I knew would appreciate it!" she captioned the pic. "Got my ink done last night by the awesome Charline in Madison, Wi. She designed exactly what I was hoping to capture in this image. Something special to celebrate overcoming struggles with breastfeeding."

The design depicts the mother as Rosie the Riveter, and acts as a reminder for mothers not to feel ashamed about breastfeeding, despite onlookers' concerns.

Jessica Curtis and Sarah Neller pose for a photograph in front of a 'We Can Do It' backdrop dressed as 'Rosie the Riveter' in Richmond, Calif. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group/TNS via Getty Images)

Fellow moms on Facebook are loving the ink. "Omg it's so bad ass!!!!!!!!!!" one user wrote.

"That's awesome!" another said. "I also recently got a tattoo to symbolize the bond me and my daughter have through breastfeeding. She is nearly 2 and I see no sign of stopping in the near future."

If you can't get enough of these awesome breastfeeding tattoos, take a look at some of our favs from Instagram.

Made by the amazing @naomi_welch during her guest spot.

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