11/08/2016 02:49 EST

Men's Grooming Hacks: Easy Tips And Tricks To Always Look Your Best

Hand cream as hair gel? You best believe it.

Believe it or not, when it comes to the beauty department, guys and girls are very similar. Case in point? We all just want to look good. And not spend hours doing it.

Look, we get you, boys: you want to keep things simple. You want a fresh beard, you want trimmed brows and of course, like us women, you want that perfect messy (man) bun.

So for those reasons, in the video above, Buzzfeed is offering you an array of grooming hacks to make your life a whole lot easier.

So next time you run out of styling gel, don't just leave hair in a total chaotic state, just use a little bit of hand cream to push those strays back into place (because let's face it, just like Aaron Samuels, "Your hair looks so sexy pushed back.")

For more grooming hacks, check out the video above!

And to make your grooming routine that much easier, check out these must-have products below:

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