11/14/2016 11:06 EST | Updated 11/14/2016 11:07 EST

Kelly Clarkson Kids: Singer's Daughter River Rose Got Her Princess On At Disney

Kelly Clarkson took her family to Disney World to celebrate her stepson Seth’s 10th birthday, but no one had as much fun as her daughter River Rose.

On Saturday, the singer shared the most adorable photos of her two-year-old getting her princess on at the Happiest Place on Earth.

First, the tiny tot got decked out in full Cinderella garb, including white gloves, a tiara, a purse and adorable silver shoes (because we all know walking in glass slippers all day is completely impractical).

Then River had the sweetest encounter with two classic Disney characters: Snow White and Tinkerbell.

But between all the magical experiences, Clarkson revealed that it was a struggle juggling her two young kids, River and seven-month-old Remington.

And that she needed a little “caffeinated pixie dust” to get her through the day.

To end their trip in Orlando, Florida, Clarkson revealed that the Ritz Carlton went the extra mile to make her stepson’s birthday special. In their hotel room, they created an epic “tent/campfire setup.”

The 34-year-old singer is a stepmom to 15-year-old Savannah and 10-year-old Seth, who her husband Brandon Blackstock had from a previous marriage.

Clarkson often posts photos of all four of her kids on Instagram, revealing that she has one happy blended family.

Okay last pic! Promise 😉#andthentherewerefour #familyband The von Trapps ain't got nothin' on us ha!

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