03/17/2017 11:38 EDT | Updated 03/17/2017 11:53 EDT

BBC Interview Would Have Been Different With A Mom, Says This Spoof Video

And the results are vastly different!

Last week, Robert Kelly’s live BBC interview was hilariously interrupted by his kids. Naturally, a spoof video has surfaced, and it swaps the now-famous father for a mom, with vastly different results.

“Jono and Ben,” a satirical New Zealand-based TV show, shared their hilarious take on the BBC interview on Thursday, featuring mom Kate Wordsworth. The short clip begins similar to the viral video with Wordsworth’s daughter – also dressed in yellow like Kelly’s daughter – walking in on Wordworth's discussion about South Korean politics.

However, instead of trying to shoo the little girl away, Wordsworth casually welcomes her child over, picks her up and gives her a bottle. No big deal, right?

When her infant then finds his way into the room, Wordsworth doesn’t bat an eye. Instinctively, she picks up a toy rattle to distract her little one.

As the interview continues, Wordsworth manages not only her children while being interviewed, but she also manages to make a roast, clean the toilet and even defuse a bomb!

Watch the full video above.

Many viewers loved the video for being so relatable and realistic.

However, some claimed the clip was sexist and called out “Jono and Ben” on Facebook.

In response, one user pointed out the video is not about sexism at all — it’s about being a parent.

“This isn't about sexism, this is simply showing that it's perfectly natural and acceptable to engage with your kids when they interrupt a conference,” Gareth Williams wrote. “It's not unprofessional, it's not embarrassing, it's just one of the many things that can happen when working from home.”

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