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Vancouver Mayor Forced To Confirm Breakup With Wanting Qu After Rumours Swirl

"We remain close friends."

Wanting Qu/Instagram
Gregor Robertson and Wanting Qu in an Instagram post uploaded on Christmas 2016.

It's summertime in Vancouver. Everyone is out sunning themselves, romance is on people's minds — and the city's mayor just issued a statement about his breakup with his girlfriend.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and Chinese-born singer Wanting Qu have "parted ways," they confirmed in a joint statement issued Thursday.

"As good friends, we wish each other all the success in the world. My love and support for Wanting's family continues," said Robertson, 52.

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Qu, 33, meanwhile continues to worry about her mother, who is a former city official in northeast China. Officials there arrested her on bribery and embezzlement charges in 2014, which could result in the death penalty if she's convicted.

Rumours of Robertson and Qu's breakup began to swirl after local reports about the end of the three-year relationship, which was sometimes captured on the singer's social media accounts.

The mayor's office was flooded with inquiries into Robertson's personal life, prompting both Robertson and Qu to issue a statement through a public relations firm.

Qu's music label, Nettwerk, is only commenting about her music.

Read the full statement below:

Mayor Gregor Robertson and platinum-selling singer-songwriter Wanting Qu ended their relationship this past May. The couple parted ways amicably, and asks the public to respect their privacy during this time.

Robertson and Qu began dating in late summer 2014, after Qu returned to Vancouver from her two-year world tour. Robertson had been separated for 6 months at the time. News of the couple's romance surfaced in January 2015.

"I'm very thankful for the time we had together and even though we are no longer a couple, we remain close friends," says Qu.

"As good friends, we wish each other all the success in the world. My love and support for Wanting's family continues," says Robertson.

In 2014, his office issued a statement confirming his separation from Amy, his wife of 30 years. They have four adult children.

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