07/26/2017 15:11 EDT | Updated 07/26/2017 15:11 EDT

3 Easy Exercises That Can Naturally Cure A Headache

Advil isn't your only option.

When a headache creeps up, it's only natural to want to reach for some Advil, but popping pills isn't your only option.

In this week's episode of The Quick Fix, Dr. Liza Egbogah, director of the[fix] chiropractic clinic and creator of the Dr.Liza pump, teaches us three easy exercises to eliminate headaches.

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"Tight pectoralis muscles often contribute to headaches," Dr. Liza tells HuffPost Canada. "Opening the shoulders helps stimulate blood flow to your head."

To do so, Egbogah advises clasping elbows behind your back while standing to pull back rounded shoulders. This move is also great for improving posture and height.

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Though tension in the shoulders and upper back are major contributors to headaches, the neck is also to blame. Releasing tight neck muscles by rotating the head from shoulder to shoulder pulls muscles away from the spine reducing (and eliminating) tension headaches instantly.

Headaches can be caused by all sorts of factors including noise, glare, stress, and discomfort stemming from poor circulation and inadequate blood flow. To improve these conditions and calm the nervous system, try a simple forward fold, which encourages blood flow to the brain.