10/29/2017 14:06 EDT | Updated 10/29/2017 15:39 EDT

Cape Breton Highlands National Park Absolutely Stuns In Drone Video

This is peak Canadian fall.

Brinton Photography

There are views, and then there are views.

Quebec and Ontario are known for putting on a spectacular display of leaves in autumn, but as Gary Brinton of Brinton Photography shows in his new short film of Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia might rule above all.

The drone-shot video, aptly set to Celtic music, goes through the park's 950-square kilometres, swooping through valleys, canyons and endlessly gorgeous forests in scenes that fill any nature-deficient hole you may have.

We mean, just look at one of the shots:

And there is so much more where that came from. Considering the huge array of geological wonders encompassed by the park, it's basically the ideal autumn tour.

So if you can't make it there in person, sit back, relax, and get carried away by the Canadian wilderness: