05/14/2018 15:25 EDT | Updated 05/14/2018 15:27 EDT

Humboldt Broncos' Moms Received Flood Of Tweets, Bouquets Of Flowers On Mother's Day

The day was guaranteed to be difficult, but hopefully the support made them feel less alone.

Carol Brons/Twitter
Carol Brons, whose daughter Dayna died in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, received these flowers for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day can be excruciating for anyone who has lost a child, and for the moms of those killed in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash last month, the wounds are especially fresh.

So to make the day a tiny bit easier, users on Twitter, including NHL teams and fellow hockey moms, sent them sweet messages of love and support this weekend.

The group Team Hockey Mom even sent flowers to the Broncos' moms, a gesture that clearly touched some of them.

Laurie Thomas, whose son Evan died in the April 6 crash, wrote that she was "finding it difficult today and this has brightened my day."

Carol Brons, whose daughter Dayna Brons was also killed in the tragedy, also took to Twitter to express her gratitude. Dayna was the Broncos' athletic therapist and the only woman on the bus.

Mark Dahlgren, whose son Kaleb was seriously injured, thanked Team Hockey Mom for the bouquet on behalf of his wife Anita.

"How am I going to top that for Mother's Day?" he joked.

We can't imagine what these mothers are going through, and one Twitter user's statement beautifully captures their resilience: "The bereaved mother has experienced the unimaginable, and yet somehow, she is still able to get up and skate."

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