11/15/2018 15:36 EST | Updated 11/15/2018 15:36 EST

Tim Hortons Has Kids' Meals Called Timmies Minis Now, And They're Very Canadian

There's a hockey-playing beaver in the activity booklet, because of course there is.

Tim Hortons/CNW
Tim Hortons has kids' meals now.

Get ready for some McCompetition about where to take the kids for lunch.

Tim Hortons just launched a new kids' menu called Timmies Minis, and the meals come with an entree, side, drink, and activity, all wrapped up in a fun box that will change each season.

If that all sounds familiar, you're not wrong, but these kids' meals are delightfully Canadian: their ambassador is Team Canada hockey player Meaghan Mikkelson, 10 cents from every purchase supports the Tim Horton Children's Foundation, and — wait for it — instead of a toy (WHAT?!), there's a Canadian-themed activity booklet (whew) that changes monthly.

"With winter just around the corner, the first box and activity book will have a winter sports theme with Canadian animals playing some of our favourite winter activities including a hockey-playing beaver, snowboarding bear and tobogganing raccoon," a press release from Tim Hortons noted.

You guys, a hockey-playing beaver. Sometimes we're so achingly Canadian, we can't stand it.

We're sure people will be rushing in an orderly fashion to their nearest franchise, stopping only to hold the door for those behind them and to apologize for no reason, so they can patiently stand in line to politely order their own Timmies Minis meal.

"We asked parents and kids what was most important to them when selecting a kid's meal and the number one answer for both groups was taste," Alex Macedo, the president of Tim Hortons, said in the press release.

"We conducted extensive research on the best taste for any kids meal in Canada and we are very proud that we are launching kids products that moms, dads and kids alike will get excited about."

And what did their extensive research show? That kids love grilled cheese, chicken strips, and cheesy chicken wraps, evidently, as these are the choices for entrees. The "mini melt," as Tim Hortons calls it, will fill a gap in the child grilled cheese market, as McDonald's just recently dropped the sandwiches from their own kid's menu.

Sides include apple slices, SunRype FunBites, Black DiamondCheestrings, or snack-sized potato wedges. For drinks, kids have a choice of milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, apple juice, or a bottle of water.

The meals are $4.99, which may have some adults eyeing the Timmies Minis for themselves (but can you really give up your double double for a juice box, even if it is decorated with an adorable raccoon?).

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The decision to launch its first-ever kids' menu comes as the coffee giant works to rehabilitate its image, the National Post reports, referring to the ongoing conflict between the parent company and its franchisees.

"We're trying to go back to our roots and be the brand that everyone feels really good about in Canada," Macedo told the National Post. "When we drop the ball, people feel it."

So far this year, Tim Hortons also announced it's testing out delivery in three Canadian cities, finally doing something about its leaky coffee lids, and adding change tables to the men's bathrooms after a dad's complaint went viral.

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