Valentine's Day 'Heart Attack' Idea For Kids: 14 Love Notes To Make Them Feel Special

This new tradition is taking the internet by storm.

Your love for your babies is endless, and so are the everyday ways you show it.

But on Valentine's Day, it's nice to go a little above and beyond to make your kids feel special. Maybe you do that with heart-shaped pancakes. Maybe you make Valentine's Day crafts with your little ones.

Or you could try this sweet idea making the rounds online, and tell your kid how great they are in 14 short-but-sweet love notes.

The premise behind the "valentine heart attack," also known as 14 days of valentines, is simple. Starting Feb. 1 and ending on Valentine's Day, stick a paper heart to your kid's door every day with a reason of why you love them written on it.

We're sure you won't have to dig deep to come up with 14 ideas, but here are a few: "You're kind," "You're so good at helping," "You give the best hugs," "You're the best dancer," "You're thoughtful," "You stand up for your beliefs," "You're silly," "You work so hard in school" ... we could go on and on.

Not only is this idea super sweet, easy, and free, but it truly comes from the heart.

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It's also a great confidence booster for kids to be reminded of all the reasons they're so wonderful. Valentine's Day can bring on a lot of anxiety for some kids as they worry about getting valentines from their classmates and ponder the ideas of love and rejection.

Using the day to celebrate your love for your child can help ease those anxieties, experts have noted, and being proactive is key.

"I believe that parents should create such a loving bond with their child that no matter what happens at school that day, the child will feel a warm blanket of parental love," Dr. Jillian Roberts, an associate professor of education psychology at the University of Victoria, previously told HuffPost Canada.

It's proving to be very popular

The "valentine heart attack" idea has been around for a while (the earliest reference we could find was from a 2007 blog post by "Skip to my Lou"), but it's been shared online in recent years by major parenting sites such as "Positive Parenting Solutions," and seems to pick up even more steam each year.

"I did this last year & my kids loved it. Every day after school they raced to their door to see what I'd put up, even the teenager. They still have them up," one person wrote on the most recent Positive Parenting Solutions Facebook post.

"Did this for my 16 year old. She is in college now but the hearts are still displayed in her room," someone else wrote.

"I did this for my kids last year. My son cried he loved it so much, he was 8," another person commented.

Well, now we're crying.