02/28/2019 18:16 EST | Updated 03/01/2019 10:50 EST

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Got Great Gifts For Their Kids In Northern Ireland

So tiny!

Pool/Samir Hussein via Getty Images
Prince William and Kate Middleton at the National Stadium in Belfast, Northern Ireland, home of the Irish Football Association on Feb. 27, 2019.

Quick tours are all the rage these days! Just as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex flew home from their three days in Morocco, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (A.K.A. Prince William and Kate Middleton) embarked on a two-day visit to Northern Ireland. Like any royal tour, it was chock-full of a wide variety of engagements — but one specific part caught our eye for being so darn cute.

The couple went out to Windsor Park in Belfast, home of the Irish Football Association (Quick reminder: that's what we North Americans would call soccer). The stadium is where Kate and Wills got the sweetest gift: personalized jerseys for their three children, 5-year-old George, 3-year-old Charlotte, and Louis, who will turn 1 in April.

Look how cute! Look how tiny! And look how nervous those poor children look!

Pool/Samir Hussein via Getty Images
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge are given football shirts for their children during a visit the National Stadium in Belfast. Look how tiny Louis's is!

Kate and William looked more than pleased to receive the teeny jerseys and get started on their own soccer (sorry, football) team. Doesn't Kate look happy?

Pool/Samir Hussein via Getty Images
Kate and William look like they're enjoying the gifts, no?

While they were there, the royal couple met with people involved with the IFA's outreach groups, including one that encourages girls to get into sports and another that supports players with mental health issues. The Cambridges speak publicly and often about the importance of good mental health care, a cause they've consistently supported.

They also toured the new facilities and kicked the ball around with some local kids, and we have to say — the Duchess of Cambridge is a really strong player!

Pool via Getty Images
Kate Middleton enjoys a moment with some kids as she tries some archery at Roscor Youth Village in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

They also met up with groups that teach outdoor activities and independent living skills, and joined more kids in activities like archery, tent-building and canoe races. (William's canoe team beat Kate's, FYI.) As parents of young children, the Duke and Duchess probably have a renewed interest in the kinds of groups that help kids in their development.

Another important stop on their tour: the Belfast Empire Music Hall, where they attended "a party celebrating young people who are making a real difference," in the words of the palace. There was a performance by the band LARKS, and guests included major players in Northern Ireland's business, sports and art scenes.

Pool via Getty Images
Prince William and Kate Middleton onstage at the Empire Music Hall.

And of course, no visit to the Emerald Isle would be complete without that most significant of cultural exports: pouring the perfect pint. The Cambridges didn't attempt the notoriously difficult and specific pint of Guinness — maybe next time — but it does look like Kate is pretty good at pouring Harp!

Samir Hussein via Getty Images
Kate is pretty decent at pouring a pint! (She didn't attempt Guinness, though.)

And if you're wondering about that gorgeous green dress, it's by Missoni and IT ONLY GETS SPARKLIER the more photos you see.

Samir Hussein via Getty Images
That dress!