03/29/2019 12:41 EDT | Updated 03/29/2019 15:20 EDT

Mic'd Up Hockey Kid, Mason Rupke, Is Back, And He's Wearing A Go-Pro

He's full of BaDonalds and ready for his first game.

Jeremy Rupke/YouTube
Mason Rupke, 4, donned a GoPro in another viral video released by his dad.

Rarely in this jaded world do we see something so pure that it unites us all, ever so briefly, in our shared humanity.

The world collectively reached for tissues when we saw Neil Armstrong on the verge of tears after walking on the moon, a couple kissing in the streets of Vancouver amid the 2011 Stanley Cup riot, and Prince Harry crying with joy as he wed Meghan Markle.

And now, praise be, we have a mic'd up 4-year-old hockey player who just wants to have a nap and eat BaDonalds. Mason Rupke of Barrie, Ont. was vaulted to viral fame (to the tune of eight million views) in February after his dad, Jeremy Rupke, posted a video of him wearing a microphone at hockey practice.

Now, there's another one. And this time, Mason's wearing a GoPro. Watch:

In "Mic'd Up Mason — GoPro Edition," little Rupke is full of BaDonalds and ready to play his first game.

"You can't touch it, OK?" Mason says of his GoPro to one of his teammates.

"Got you, dot!" he says when he gets the puck.


Jeremy Rupke/YouTube
Mason Rupke, 4, isn't fazed by his fame.

The newest video already has almost a million views since it was posted March 20.

In February, Mason seemed unfazed by the attention in an interview with Global News.

"I like skating around. I like to shoot the pucks," he said. "I shoot them in the net and score up the top."

Don't let fame change you, kid. (And we hope you got your yummy sandwiches).

Watch Mason's original mic'd up video: