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'The Baby-Sitters Club' Audiobooks Are Coming To Audible, So Get Super Special Excited

Kristy, Claudia and all of your other fictional BFFs are BACK.
The wildly popular
The wildly popular

If in the deepest recesses of your mind you still know that Kristy is a bit of a tomboy, Claudia is good at art, and Mary Anne is shy (but really comes into her own after that haircut!), you'll be Super Special excited for this news.

The Baby-sitters Club, Ann M. Martin's beloved book series that chronicles the adventures of a bunch of middle-school friends and entrepreneurs in fictional Stoneybrook, Conn., is being released as audiobooks for the first time. All 131 titles will be available on Audible Aug. 13, and can be pre-ordered now, Audible noted in a news release Tuesday.

"I'm thrilled to see that the readership for The Baby-sitters Club continues to grow after all these years," Martin said in the release.

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"And I'm grateful and honored to hear from fans — young and old — who have supported the series with such affection, love and nostalgia for all things BSC. I'm excited that Audible will bring the books to life in a new format for the next generation."

Yes, good for the next generation and all ... but we suspect a lot of parents who grew up on BSC will be pumping "Logan Likes Mary Anne!" and "The Ghost At Dawn's House" during their morning commute.

The BSC was wildly popular

The Baby-sitters Club novels were originally published by Scholastic between 1986 and 2000, and sold 176 million copies, the New York Times notes. It was the first children's series to land on the USA Today bestseller list, according to Publisher's Weekly.

The books tackled a number of heavy topics, including divorce, racism, illness, death and eating disorders.

The popularity of the books inspired several spinoff series including "Baby Sitters Little Sister," the "Super Specials," and "The Baby-sitters Club Mysteries." There was a TV show, and a 1995 feature movie starring Rachel Leigh Cook. There was even an official fan club, which *cough* some of us might have joined.

The truly obsessed among us might also recall there were BSC dolls, with a "so natural!" Dawn rocking a jean jacket.

In February, Netflix announced it's adapting the books for a 10-episode family-friendly series.

Audiobooks will be voiced by Elle Fanning

The first five Audible audiobooks will be voiced by actress Elle Fanning, best known for her roles in "Super 8," and "Teen Spirit."

"The fierce friendships and babysitting adventures of The Baby-Sitters Club have been so much fun to perform! It has been such an exciting and new experience for me to bring this entrepreneurial squad to life as Audible books," Fanning said in the news release.

Hold on to your Kid Kits, BSC fans.

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