03/31/2012 02:20 EDT | Updated 05/31/2012 05:12 EDT

That's a Wrap, Beach Goddess!


Now that we have already explored the basics of cut and style of your swimsuit, let's add a special cover-up to take you from shimmering to sparkling. Look fabulous and put together with all the right accessories that compliment your new stunning bathing suit. With a few simple tricks, you can find your inner "glamazon." Get ready to strut your stuff on your own beach catwalk!

Think about where you are going and why. Consider the purpose of your trip; are you going with your whole family, parents, and children? In this case you may want to tone down the glam and stick to classic simplicity. Is this a romantic getaway with that special someone (perhaps on a secluded island) where you can really let the diva in you shine? Go all out; elegance, glitz and glamour!

A beach dress or a kaftan is a great option when you want to spend some time walking along the beach. Whether you're hunting for souvenirs on the island or taking a snack break at the resort bar, these options are an easy and versatile wardrobe must-have. Kaftans are usually more extravagant than a beach dress. They are made from sumptuous and luxurious fabrics like chiffon silks along with exquisite details which range from beading to fine needle-work. The kaftan most likely comes readily accessorized with all the details you could wish for. If you opt for a beach dress, remember to add some fun jewelry to complete your look.

The most basic accessory is the beach wrap. The beach wrap comes in all lengths and sizes. When worn, a beach wrap can reach the ground, barely cover your knees, or just tie around your hips. There is so much that you can do depending on how much skin you want to leave uncovered. The bigger the better; you will get more variety in the different ways that you can tie it. One of my favourite ways to wear a wrap is as a halter or bandeau style; gracefully grazing the ground and flowing in the wind, soft, sexy and ethereal. Do you have a favourite silk scarf? You can even use this as a hip cover or a head scarf when the sun becomes especially hot. Bring your favourite sunglasses and embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn!

So now that we have you covered (literally), don't forget to pack your beach tote with a stylish hat, some sunscreen and your favourite stacked heel sandals. You are ready to shine! The only thing left is to try out those crystal blue waters. Enjoy the sun while everyone is pea green with envy! That's a wrap, beach goddess!


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