02/06/2012 04:54 EST | Updated 04/07/2012 05:12 EDT

Valentine's Day Lingerie: Fit for All of Us

Of all the days in the year, Valentine's Day is the one day we, women, should be wearing our finest lingerie -- if only for ourselves. Far too many women feel lingerie is only meant to be for a special occasion or person. Valentine's Day, a day generally associated with love and couples, only reinforces this idea.

Which leads to the question: What happened to women wearing lingerie for themselves? Is lingerie really only meant for a special occasion? This year I have a Valentine's Day challenge for all women: To feel good from the inside out.

Somewhere, somehow, women stopped loving their undergarments. Beautifully structured silk bras were exchanged for basic seamless bras, and French lace knickers are a thing of the past. This probably lead to women no longer feeling good in their lingerie. Lingerie became something that was avoided, worn only on special occasions. And so, just like that, the way women wear and perceive lingerie changed all together, or so one could imagine. While it is impossible to say how it all happened, it is possible to look at the current situation and realize something must change.

You have only to ask a woman who loves her lingerie how it affects her. In fact, you have probably already seen it. We have all seen those women who walk along the street, head held high, perfectly put together, with a sort of "fabulousness" oozing from every step they take. All of those women most likely have something in common: Their lingerie. While it could be something as simple as a plain matching set, or something exquisite complete with stay-ups, each set transforms the woman. She feels beautiful and put together from the very first layer, and the knowledge that no one else knows what she is wearing adds to the experience. Ultimately, she is dressing for herself. She does not need a special occasion or person. It could be said that she is the special person.

Feeling good in your lingerie starts with yourself. It starts with being honest about your size and finding proper fitting pieces that are nice and clean. It means finding colours and styles that are flattering, and those are not necessarily always the basic nude, black and white. It also means appreciating yourself. That may mean splurging on beautiful silks, or starting by loving yourself and feeling comfortable in your skin. Lingerie can not only shape a woman, it can also change her. For example, a proper fitting bra can add new found confidence.

Ladies, I encourage you to take my Valentine's Day challenge. Wear your finest lingerie and wear it for yourselves. Make this day a day to splurge on yourselves, to really appreciate and care for yourselves. Dare to feel beautiful from the inside out and walk with extra confidence -- your lingerie being your little secret. Not only will you notice it, those around you will notice it. Though I warn you, the sensation may be contagious and you may just very well find yourselves doing the same thing the very next day. Happy Valentine's Day my lovely!