01/06/2012 04:17 EST | Updated 03/07/2012 05:12 EST

A Man's Guide to Lingerie Shopping

Photo courtesy of Triumph.

It's no wonder that men often consider giving lingerie for that special someone. There is nothing better than giving a beautifully crafted or delicate garment that has the potential to make every woman feel extraordinary.

While the idea is to surprise and delight, a poorly planned lingerie gift can bring on a variety of outcomes ranging from being put away in the "never to be seen again" pile or, in worst case scenario, relegation to the couch. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be the case. In fact, with a bit of detective work, one could very well end up being the hero of the night! Here are a few easy tips that will make lingerie giving a success!

1. Know her size: It is a widely known fact that a woman's size is a delicate subject. Give her a size that's too big and you might as well have opened Pandora's Box. Give her a size too small and she will feel too big! Therefore, researching her size in advance is paramount. This may mean peeking through her bra and panty drawers, as well as checking her sleepwear sizes. Tip: If the gift is too small, let her know that she is stunning and looks that size.

2. Know her style: Notice what styles of lingerie she likes. Take note if she prefers thongs to full panties or simple smooth bras to lacy ones. Different women like different materials such as silk versus cotton or polyester. Does she like neutral or interesting colours? If she is shy and prefers pastels, a bright vivacious red will scare her away! Just remember, you are buying this for her so be sure to know what she likes! Tip: If you are unsure, a classic black lace bra with matching full panty is a great and safe pick.

3. Flatter her assets: If she is a bit self-conscious, and many women are, negligees and babydolls are great gift options. They provide more coverage while remaining flirty and sexy. Tip: Remember to remind her how beautiful she is! When she feels good, you feel good.

4. Don't be frugal: Good lingerie is a woman's best friend and well worth the investment! Good quality lingerie can be expensive, but that price tag comes with a better cut, design and high quality fabrics. A woman loves feeling sensual! She will appreciate the good quality silk and lace against her skin.

5. Ask for help: Feeling nervous and maybe even a little bit lost in a lingerie boutique? Don't be shy to talk to sales people and tap into their experience. For what it's worth, sales people have seen and been asked just about everything. Sales people are experts and eager to help you. They will know how different styles fit as well what pieces are popular among ladies. Tip: Some boutiques have registries and keep a note of a client's sizes and preferences. These are very helpful (not to mention they help you get out quickly).

6. Buy a full set: Would you ever buy only one shoe? In the same way you buy a pair of shoes, you buy lingerie sets as a whole. Make sure you buy all the pieces that go with it.

7. Keep it elegant: Unless you know that she loves novelty outfits, avoid them. Lingerie can be provocative and enticing, yet elegant. A woman wants to feel like a seductress, a queen. All you have to do is let her seduce you.

8. Go the extra mile: By this point you have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into your gift, so why not make it memorable? Wrap the gift nicely and even plan a whole romantic evening. You will be glad you did! Tip: Wrap each piece separately. This way the excitement will build as she unwraps each one. Enjoy!

Putting a little research and thought into a lingerie gift will not only bring happiness to your special woman, but it will also make you a star! Good lingerie is one of the nicest things a woman can have in her closet and she will appreciate that for a very long time!