09/19/2011 03:42 EDT | Updated 11/19/2011 05:12 EST

Your Red Carpet Style Guide: Lingerie Lies Beneath

During the recent Toronto International Film Festival, I could not help but notice saggy breasts, waist tires and rough legs in the audience while flatter stomachs, long smooth legs and well-shaped curves walked the red carpet.

I know the pressure is on to get red carpet ready! With today's trends and styles in undergarments, women have many options to fit their fashions -- from beautiful plunge lines to backless lingerie.

Looking fabulous in front of a camera or on the red carpet doesn't have to be hit or miss. Here are some basic tips and tricks to help you look your very 'breast' every time!

1. Get a bra fitting: Finding the right bra can be a bit tricky, but it can also add the most value to your outfit. A bad bra can instantly kill your mood or outfit -- no matter how gorgeous. Ideally, bring your ensemble to the bra specialist. This way the experts can find the perfect bra style and solution for you and your outfit.

Trick: A proper fitting bra can take inches off the look of your waist and make you look taller and leaner (and that's always a good thing)!

Unless absolutely necessary, be sure to wear a bra. It will give you lift and shape your outfit. Bustiers are my favorite choice for a strapless outfit -- you instantly get that boost and elegant posture.

Trick: For backless dresses that need a little boost, try a reusable adhesive bra with silicone. Just place the cups on your breast, adjusting them to get the right cleavage you want. Then clip the cup together in the middle and you are ready to slip on that sexy dress.

Note: Adhesive bras are not for all breast sizes.

2. Plan your lingerie: Ladies! Let's face it -- Panty lines have never been cute. With so many lingerie options, it is possible to achieve a smooth clean shape. (No need to pull a "Bridget Jones" -- your lingerie options are nearly endless!) It's time to stop wearing underwear and start wearing lingerie.

Trick: If you are wearing white, don't wear white panties -- it will show the most. Instead opt for nude with lighter skin tone or chocolate with darker skin tone.

3. Shapewear is for everyone: Regardless of your body shape, the right shapewear can do wonders smoothing, flattening and shaping a woman's body. Shapewear can be comfortable, elegant, and sexy -- and can be worn daily!

Trick: Instead of altering your outfit, try it on with a shapewear.

4. Stockings, pantyhose and stay-ups -- oh my! While hosiery has seen a slight downturn in popularity, let's not forget it's a fantastic (and easy) way of giving your legs a smoother, sleeker and lengthier look. Show off those legs!

Lingerie is personal, and special outfits need special lingerie. The right lingerie can not only change your look, it can change your life! Now you are ready for the red carpet. Enjoy!