10/29/2011 08:59 EDT | Updated 12/29/2011 05:12 EST

The Slip and Slide of a Strapless Bra

Ladies! We've all been there: fidgeting, constantly adjusting, and perpetually pulling up our strapless bras. Time and time again, we have turned down strapless tops and dresses to avoid adjusting the whole time. We have always accepted this as fact, never posing the big question, "Does my bra fit properly?" While busy altering our tops and dresses to achieve that perfect fit, we tend to forget the strapless bra. Yet, a simple bra fitting could be all that we need.

Fitting a strapless bra isn't that complicated -- it is similar to a regular bra, but slightly tighter. With a strapless bra, 100 per cent of the bra's support comes from the bra band. If the bra band is too loose, the bra will continuously slide down. Remember that one evening out, you were dancing and having fun, but had to hike up your bra every few seconds? To avoid that uneasy feeling that your bra is slipping downwards, the band should feel snug and the bra should stay in place when you move around.

Another common problem is spillage. While everyone remembers the Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake fiasco, most of us would like to avoid that type of publicity! Make sure the cup size is the right size! A cup that's too small will lead to bulges, spilling and of course popping out. A cup size that is too big will lead to gaping and a lack of support. Wardrobe malfunctions can be avoided with a good bra fitting.

Strapless bras can give us nice cleavage and form too! When putting on your bra, bend forward and "scoop" your breasts in as you put on the bra. This will help ensure that the entire breast is in the cup and shaped nicely. Also, if possible, go for a strapless bra that also has silicone strips along the top of the cup. This will ensure that your breasts stay in the cup and avoid an embarrassing pop-out moments similar to what Nancy Grace had on a recent Dancing with the Stars episode.

Other things to consider are your breast size and the fabric of the bra! A soft cup bra is best for a smaller breast size, whereas a molded cup with a side panel is better for a fuller breast. For very heavy breasts, a bustier will work marvelously. With a regular bra, the bra band should sit horizontally on your back. With a strapless bra, the bra band can sit slightly higher. This will give your breasts that little extra "oomph"!

Strapless bras give us the opportunity to look fantastic in bare shoulders, one-shoulder or halter top styles. With a proper bra fitting anyone can get terrific support, some cleavage and a great look in some pretty sexy fashion without spilling out! Get that strapless little black dress and let's get you the support you deserve!