06/30/2012 09:53 EDT | Updated 08/29/2012 05:12 EDT

Why I Love Canada: We Could Charm the Pants Off a Moose


"Oh, you're Canadian! Canadians are so nice!"

Yes, yes we are. Keep thinking that world -- but that's not all we are. We are talented, and disciplined and personable, and easy-going and really, just good at life. I love Canada and it's super nice people because while non-Canadians are thinking, "Isn't that cute how she says aboot and pardon me," we are busy getting exactly what we want.

Please don't misinterpret this as conniving. We are too Canadian for that. We are like smart puppies, or cute babies (don't tell me all babies are cute). People want to cuddle us, and we want to cuddle back. Maybe that's why my "slumming it" lifestyle has been working out so well. Our sorrys and humble smiles inspire people to give us things, invite us places. Canadians don't need to rent a room at the Ritz, because most likely, they can just say "Pardon me, but would you mind if I stay here, at your lovely hotel, the Ritz? I'm sorry if it's an inconvenience," and the Ritz says yes. Canada is loveable in all the right, and genuine, ways.

Busted? Yes. Blowing our cover? Possibly. But, celebrating our innate polite but secretly winning nature? With pleasure.

I believe our politeness is fueled by an easy-going nature. Canada promotes a positive "slumming it" mentality. We say "no worries" about sleeping in a tent or commuting by bicycle or bus. We gladly spend weekends at cottages with no electricity, and share dinners of wheat thins, cheese and cheap wine. We're not worried because we love it. To get esoteric, we love nature. With nature love comes an understanding that we are not in control, and when you realize you're not in control, things get a lot easier. So I guess my overwritten thesis statement is, "Canadians' innate connection to nature makes it easier to have 'no worries': relaxed disposition leads to likability."


Georgian Bay

I think our ability to relax also connects to our pace. When I go to Toronto, I notice we walk slower. This gives us the time to enjoy our surroundings, to smile at passersby, and to notice the birds. The other day, I pointed out a Cardinal to my American roommate, and he responded, "You're so Canadian." Yes, yes I am, and I'm glad my bird identification abilities make me so.

I also like to think Canadians are good at identifying other Canadians. Just this past weekend, my cousin and I attended the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York. Within a half hour of being there, we were hanging out on blankets under the trees with other Canadians, talking about how good the Montreal DJ duo Duck Sauce was. We found people from our homeland, and we found a home base.


At the Duck Sauce performance at Governor's Ball..with fellow Canadians Georgia Tanner and Christy Prada

So the stereotypes are true, and I want to celebrate them. This Canada day, I am going to be so damn charming to every New Yorker I meet, they will want to buy me a moose. I will also follow the laws of Canadian attraction, and find myself celebrating the day with a bunch of Canadians, and a bunch of pleases and thanks yous, and most likely, under a tree