10/22/2019 02:14 EDT | Updated 10/28/2019 14:56 EDT

What The Heck Happened With The Leaders' Election Speeches?

Three of them were speaking AT THE SAME TIME.

Election nights are usually topped off with live speeches by each major party leader, acknowledging their loss or victory, thanking their colleagues and supporters.

But since this federal election has been anything but ordinary, why would the speeches be any different?

Of the three major leaders, the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh started first in Burnaby, B.C. — and went on a little too long. But hey, this is Canada. We just elected a minority government and trust that our representatives can co-operate to figure things out for the greater good. 


Instead, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer walked out and started giving his speech to supporters in Regina, forcing broadcasters to cut away from Singh.

And then a minute (a minute!) later, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau walked out and started giving his speech to supporters in Montreal, forcing broadcasters to cut away from Scheer.

Canadians, of course, had a few choice tweets on the matter.

It’s unclear what happened or whose fault it was. Surely, someone at each leaders’ camp was watching the live coverage and considered preventing this train wreck. Maybe? No?

The broadcasters ended up going live with Trudeau — since he has won a second term as prime minister — and replayed Scheer’s recorded speech afterward.

It all bodes well. Everything is fine.

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