Christmas Gifts For The Co-worker Who Never Stops Yawning

Help them.

We all have one. Maybe you happen to be the one we all have. Maybe — it’s possible — we’re all actually that one.

The “one” we’re talking about is that co-worker who meanders into the office right on time, at 8 or 9 a.m., sinks into their ergonomic wheelie chair, and then … proceeds to yawn.

We get it. Work is hard. Work is tiring. In fact, nobody escapes being this co-worker at some point in time. There’s no shame in it at all.

So whether you’ve been stuck with good old Jared for a secret Santa, or you need to buy Frank and Rebecca gifts for your annual holiday party, here’s a foolproof gift guide to Christmas gifts for co-workers that are sure to bring them what they need to lead a more balanced life — in work, and in comfort.

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Christmas Gifts For Co-workers