Kids' Face Masks In Canada: Where To Buy Cute Options

Masks made of cloth, with designs that are fun, can go a long way.

Canada’s attitude towards non-medical face masks has changed, with public health officials and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now advising everyone to wear them whenever physical distancing isn’t possible, and that includes kids over the age of two.

Most Canadians have plenty of colourful options for buying reusable face masks from brands and independent sellers, but parents may find it trickier to stock up on these necessary tools for COVID-19 spread prevention.

Masks in universal sizes can be too big for kids’ faces. And high-fashion facewear, while very trendy, may be made of materials not be suitable for sensitive skin.

Luckily, sellers are recognizing families’ mask woes and more are jumping on the junior-friendly bandwagon.

How can I convince my kids to keep their masks on?

Many children won’t mind wearing masks, but younger ones may feel uncomfortable and try to slip theirs off. Other kids may wear them incorrectly in order to talk clearly or pick their noses. To curb fiddling, pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp told Vogue that parents should make masks a source of fun. Letting kids choose their mask’s colours or decorate them can motivate them to wear them in public spaces.

Here are some options from major cities across Canada. Check back often, as we’ll be updating this list with sellers regularly. Look out for the stopwatch emoji (⏱) for sellers waiting on inventory refills or only accepting pre-orders.

Considering the demand and uncertain nature of working during a pandemic, stock, price, availability and materials are subject to change. Contact sellers directly if you have concerns about measurements or safety precautions taken when crafting. If there’s a mask seller you’d like us to feature, feel free to let us know on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts:

Features: Countless requests convinced the Canadian retailer to start a youth line of masks, which come in black and maroon.
Price: $30
Shipping: Free on orders over $75

Gap Kids ⏱️

Features: Washable masks come in packs of three, with plaid patterns in high demand. Orders are expected to ship in mid-June.
Price: $16-20
Shipping: Free on orders over $25

Disney ⏱️

Features: Because it doesn’t get cuter than Baby Yoda. Beloved Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters are featured in Disney’s mask bundles. They’re expected to be in stock by late July.
Price: $20
Shipping: Yes

Features: A B.C.-based star on the upcoming series “Canada’s Drag Race,” Jimbo and his mask-making team have unicorns, aliens, and pizza-loving turtles prancing on their patterns. The site states that extra-small masks will fit toddlers and small sizes fit kids, but be sure to compare your kid’s measurements to their sizing chart.
Price: $25
Shipping: Yes

Features: This independent seller from Calgary has several patterns for her two-sided creations.
Price: $9.50
Shipping: Contact the seller

Features: Adorable animal snouts and noses are this U.S. brand’s speciality.
Price: $12.99 for a pack of two
Shipping: Yes

Features: The Alberta-based Etsy business offers several cute masks, with customers expressing their gratitude for quick response times.
Price: $12.99 for a pack of two
Shipping: Yes

Agaboshi ⏱️

Features: Korean fashion sensibilities and pastels inspire this Toronto seller’s work.
Price: $38 for a pack of seven
Shipping: Yes

Features: The Montreal designer’s pieces are reversible, with bundles coming mix-and-match sizes if desired.
Price: $79 for a four-pack
Shipping: Yes

Features: Masks from this roller derby apparel brand are made from breathable cotton-spandex material. Note that the kids sizes need to be tied-on, as opposed to earloops.
Price: $13
Shipping: Yes, pick-up available in Bradford, Ont.

Features: Masks for kids, made by a kid! Toronto-based Reina Bukhari, 11, and her family sells facegear for kids and teens.
Price: $15
Shipping: Yes

Features: If you’re looking for masks that truly contour, this seller offers tailor-made products for Canadians big or small.
Price: Contact the seller
Shipping: Contact the seller

Features: This crafty Edmonton sewer sells masks for kids eight and under, with new patterns on the way.
Price: $10
Shipping: Yes

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