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Mother’s Day Canada: Last-Minute Gifts That Don't Feel Totally ... Last-Minute

Supermarket and drugstore shopping can save you, but you need to move fast.

Mother’s Day snuck up on you this year? No judgment if you missed delivery times for your gift and it somehow slipped your mind that every non-essential storefront has been closed for weeks; the pandemic makes fools of us all.

If you want to try your hand at the no-cost gift route, crafting a thoughtful present can still make May 10 special. There’s no price on safely spending quality time together in-person or over Zoom on Sunday either.

But, if you’re really strapped for a last-minute gift, there are thankfully products from essential businesses you can rely on that won’t feel entirely like a hurried purchase. In fact, you could maybe, possibly pass it off as a tribute to her. After all, isn’t creative thinking and resourcefulness during challenging circumstances the spirit of motherhood? The key is to show her you know her by choosing things she loves, and also: good presentation.

It bears saying, however, that given limited store hours and the hordes of crowds that will undoubtedly descend on every grocery and drugstore, you should not leave your last-minute shopping to the absolute last-minute.

Just make sure you let her know how much you truly appreciate her, even though your pre-planning skills may not show it this year. Then, think about what you’ll get her next year, and order it now!

We’ve got some tips to make some common last-minute Mother’s Day gifts from supermarkets, drugstores, and other essential stores feel less ... last minute.

Mother's Day Canada: Last-Minute Gifts Tips

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