06/17/2019 18:47 EDT

Toronto Wore Its Raptors Uniform Proudly On #WeTheNorthDay

The national colours were red and white and black and gold. And purple.

This could have been your average #OOTD roundup — only it turns out that in Toronto’s downtown core on Monday, everybody was wearing the same, or variations of the same, outfit. 

But reader: before you accuse millions of Torontonians of the most despicable crime in fashion (plagiarism), or pettily lament the death of originality, you should know that the truly ubiquitous style of the day made a lot of sense, considering millions of people were celebrating the Raptors’ first NBA title ever. Give them a break!

In case you weren’t one of the many lining the parade route in their Monday best, here’s our What They Wore roundup: Raptors Edition (Maybe you’ll get inspo for their next championship win).