09/20/2019 07:30 EDT | Updated 09/20/2019 10:48 EDT

Trevor Noah Proposes Laws To Stop White Friends From Using Blackface

Other talk show hosts weighed in too amid the Justin Trudeau racist makeup controversy.

White people have demonstrated time and again that they’re not to be trusted with brown makeup ― and Trevor Noah thinks it’s time to take serious action.

Amid the racist makeup scandal involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week, “The Daily Show” host said that when “white people get their hands on brown makeup, they just can’t help themselves.”

The comedian proposed a buyback program to get blackface off the streets, and red flag laws for when you suspect your white friend might be planning to use such makeup.

Listen to Noah’s action plan below: 

Trudeau apologized again on Thursday, after different images and a video surfaced of the Liberal leader in racist makeup when he was in high school and when he was in his early and late 20s. 

Trudeau acknowledged that his actions hurt Canadians who face intolerance each day. As the son of a former prime minister, he said his “layers of privilege” kept him from seeing that at the time.

Canadian satirical show “The Beaverton” had its take too.  

“Sad news. Turns out a wealthy, white privileged son of famous parents is not the woke bae we were promised by Rolling Stone,” it quipped.

American late-night TV shows flagged the Canadian controversy to their audiences. 

“A photo has emerged of Trudeau wearing brownface at a party. This is pretty bad,” said Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show.” 

“And I just want to say — it’s not us this time. Suck it, Canada!”

Meanwhile, over at “Conan,” host Conan O’Brien mentioned the “big scandal up in Canada.” 

“I know you are Canadian, but this is not good news for you,” he said to audience members who cheered. “Canadians are just so happy to be mentioned.”

“Late Night with Seth Meyers” did not show Trudeau’s brownface photo because it is “so bad that Canadians travelling in Europe are going to start telling people they’re American,” said the comedian.

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