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Newfoundland Weather Reporter Chris Murphy Gets Knocked Down By Wind

These winds are really, really strong.

Canadian weather reporters are brave souls. They brave the most extreme weather conditions just to let people know that they really shouldn’t try to brave extreme weather conditions.

Weather Network reporter Chris Murphy is no different. Murphy was out in St. John’s to give viewers a first-hand look into a raging snowstorm making its way across Newfoundland. If Murphy’s report on how strong the winds were didn’t come across in his report, it sure did at the end.

Just as Murphy signed off, he was pushed to the ground by a particularly strong gust.

“Oh, I’m falling,” said Murphy, before surrendering to the power of the wind.

Watch the clip below:

Eastern Newfoundland faced a record-setting snowstorm on Friday, with St. John’s blanketed under 76.2 cm of snow, according to the Weather Network.

The wind is forecasted to continue into Saturday night with speeds hitting up to 60 km/h, according to Environment Canada.

Residents were advised to stay inside as St. John’s declared a state of emergency. People are not allowed to drive until the state of emergency is lifted.

Some homes in the Battery area of St. John’s were evacuated after the snow piled up into an avalanche, blocking doors. Nobody was injured, but one home was damaged, according to The Telegram.

Murphy, meanwhile, is doing fine after his on-air takedown, and is still in the province reporting on the weather.

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