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Blogger FAQ Resource

Guidelines to make the most of your blogging experience

HuffPost Canada

For submissions, requests, general questions or information about the blogger agreement contributors must agree to upon creating an account, please email the blog team at

Submission and review

What basic requirements should blog posts meet?

We publish well-written opinion pieces, expert advice, and personal stories that share universal life lessons, particularly of relevance to Canadians. You can submit a first-person blog that is between 500 and 1,000 words. Be sure to include hyperlinks to support any facts and figures cited in the blog. Keep in mind that we do not accept promotional or sponsored content.

What makes a great blog post?

The best blogs are:

  • Well-written and factually accurate with an original point of view

  • Hyperlinked with supporting, credible sources for the facts presented

  • Passionate and persuasive: they add something new to an existing conversation or they spark an entirely new conversation on their own

  • Compelling blogs are often written in an informal, shareable tone. It must be persuasive and catch the interest of readers who may not know what you're talking about

  • They have compelling headlines - think about that headline that made you stop in your tracks when you saw it on your phone. That's the one you want for your blog

  • Relevant to Canadians

What can't I blog about?

The types of blogs that are subject to decline include:

  • Blogs that are poorly written or do not meet our publishing standards

  • Anything that is too niche, too introspective or diary-like

  • Anything that airs personal business which won't be of relevance to wider readers

  • We do not accept interviews, Q&As, straight travel reviews or reviews of locations, activities, products, films, music or events. We will, however, consider blogs that critique pieces of media and talk about the wider social issues raised

  • We won't accept anything that endorses a product or reads like a publicity post. We will ban bloggers who breach this guideline

  • As bloggers are not employees or representatives of HuffPost, we will ban bloggers who use the HuffPost affiliation to obtain access to events, people or products

  • We retain the right decline submissions that fall below our quality expectations or that we, in our experience, know there won't be an audience for

  • We will not publish anything that is hateful, false, plagiarized or potentially libellous

How should I cite my sources?

Any time you use a quote that is not yours, you should attribute the original source and link to the story or study from which the quote originates. This is true even if you are paraphrasing the original source.

Any time you include a fact or statistic that has not been gathered by your own research, you should link to the study or article that supports that fact/statistic.

You should also link to a study, finding or news article when attributing a conclusion to a group such as "Psychologists say ...," "Most doctors feel ...," "Scientists believe ...," "Research shows ...," etc.

These citations should come from reputable news publications, government studies or studies published in peer-reviewed journals. If your sources are not on the web, and you are unable to hyperlink, you should provide numbered footnotes at the bottom of your post.

We will decline a post if it is not fully backed up by evidence. Proper sourcing will make your pieces more credible to readers and increase the chances of HuffPost editors promoting your work on the site.

Why were there changes to my headline or post?

Some of the reasons for edits to a post include: typos, house style, length or clarity. We will not edit your argument, and any major proposed changes will be discussed with you first.

We reserve the right to change headlines and subheadings for clarity, focus or to align to HuffPost best practices.

When are blogs published?

Editors review blogs Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Blogs are not reviewed over the weekend or during statutory holidays. Blogs are typically reviewed within 48 hours, but often sooner.

How can I submit a blog for a specific date?

Please submit your blog at least 48 hours in advance of a specific date. If your requested date falls on a weekend or holiday, your blog may be published beforehand and promoted on the date.

I submitted my blog more than 48 hours ago. What gives?

We are a small team and try to review every post as soon as we can. If your blog hasn't been reviewed, we may be experiencing a higher-than-average volume of submissions. Feel free to contact our team at

How often can bloggers submit?

We encourage bloggers to submit no more than once per week if possible.

May I include a few quotes?

We generally ask bloggers to avoid including quotes from interviews they've conducted, since they cannot be verified. However, you may quote someone from a news story or video if you include the link. Again, blogs in the Q&A format will not be accepted.

I would like my blog/profile taken down.

We do not unpublish or delete blog posts or profiles except under rare circumstances, such as when there are major factual errors or a legal issue. Please ensure you are fully comfortable with a blog being published before it is submitted.

I'm bilingual. How can I submit blogs to the Quebec edition?

Please contact the Quebec blog team at to set up a French-language blogger account. The next time you log in, you will be able to select the edition of your choice by clicking the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of your blogger dashboard.

Will I be paid?

By submitting blog posts to us, you are an independent contractor, not an employee of Huffington Post. You agree that you are not entitled to, and don't expect any wages or compensation for the content that you submit.

Creating a post

I can't preview my post before submitting it.

The preview feature is unavailable when a post is in drafts, so you will have to submit the post in order to preview it. If you see any changes that need to be made, please use the commenting tool to let our editors know and we will return your post to draft mode.

I can't add an image into the body of my post.

A small number of bloggers may experience issues in uploading photos into the body of a post. A workaround that may help: add the photo to a Word document, then copy/paste it into the body of your blog post.

*Please ensure that you own the right to the image, or have permission from the photographer and indicate the photo credit in your post.

I would like to add a co-author to my blog.

Only our editors can add a co-author. Please leave a note at the top of a blog post before submitting to indicate who else should be credited on the byline. Only co-authors who have an existing blogger profile can be added. If your co-author doesn't have an account, you can add a credit in the body of the blog.

How do I submit or propose a blog series?

We do not allow blogger-generated blog series. You can write several posts on a single topic, but all posts should be able to stand on their own.

I can't tag my posts anymore in the new CMS. What should I do?

Our blog editors will identify and add the most relevant tags to submissions prior to publishing.

User settings and preferences

How can I update the information my blogger profile (bio, photo, social media accounts)?

Currently, only editors can change a blogger's profile information. You can send an updated bio, short bio, social media accounts or profile photo to our editors at

How do I change my password or email?

Please first try the "reset password" button found at after logging out. If you are unable to, you must contact the tech team at to change your password. You can contact our editors at to request a change to your email.


May I republish my post elsewhere?

You own the copyright to your submitted content and you can post it anywhere else you wish. This includes on personal blogs or other media outlets. We appreciate a link back to the blog on HuffPost, but this is not mandatory.

How well is my blog doing?

At this time, we cannot provide detailed traffic information for blog posts. You can use the CrowdTangle Chrome extension to see where a post has been shared on social media, which is often the best indicator of a blog's success.

Will HuffPost Canada promote my blog over social media?

High-quality blogs are often shared over our social media channels. If you would like your accounts tagged, please update your blogger profile with your personal social media channels. You can add Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to your profile, as well as a personal website.

Can I receive notifications when a blogger I like has a post published?

Our platform does not support blogger notifications. However, we do recommend you follow a blogger over social media.