Where is that black-square and “we-stand-against-racism” energy from last summer?
Canada must confront settler society's past and present role in erasing Indigenous identities.
Many diasporic Punjabis like me are only one generation removed from the same agrarian life the farmers are fighting to save.
Mass surveillance technology like Clearview's would not exist without demand from Canadian police.
Society leaves women like myself feeling outcast, isolated and punished for choosing to give our babies mercy.
We have tried and failed to live together in various ways for more than 10,000 years.
Too many immigrant South Asian parents are programmed to reject disabilities — our family wanted to change that.
This affects not only who will get the vaccine and when, but also who will be permitted to administer the vaccine to your community.
A reimagined, non-colonial Governor General could play an important role for Canadians.