06/14/2012 07:55 EDT | Updated 08/14/2012 05:12 EDT

What Rob Lowe Really Meant by Winnipeg Being a "Hellhole"

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Has anybody else noticed the irony that the City Manager for Pawnee, Indiana called Winnipeg a "hellhole," or that he was complaining about watching a civic election?

Probably not. Listen, I'm related to this stuff. I'm originally from Winnipeg -- I still spend my summer there when I can -- and I have Twitter. So, when I read the headline "Rob Lowe calls Winnipeg a Hellhole," I was a little upset.

When I read that Lowe actually made the comment while he was in a bar and the local TV station -- which was actually from North Dakota -- cut to a civic election (*irony) while the Thunder were whupping the Heat... well, when I read that, I just kind of laughed.

1a. Read the actual tweet, in its original form: "The local affiliate is interrupting the 4th quarter of the #NBAFinals to show city council election results!!! #Trappedinahellhole" ... It sounded like Lowe was calling the bar a "hellhole," not the city. And, even if he was, check out some of the responses from Winnipeggers... they're far worse.

1b. My feeling of this was confirmed when another tweeter told him to turn to TSN, and he said, "Thanks. Will find a better sports bar. Was the worst!!!" Yea, whatta dick...

1c. Also, he didn't even mention "Winnipeg" or give the name of the bar he was so repulsed by... I actually give him credit for his manners on this one.

2. It was a tweet. Whatever. Earlier this year, when my Canucks were losing to the Buffalo Sabres, I tweeted, "Whatever, at least I don't live in Buffalo." Folks in The Buff got mad, and I can see why, but it was meant to be harmless. Do you know how many "RIOT" jokes I've had to shuck off since last June?

3. I was a little refreshed to know that Lowe is such a big hoops fan, frankly. I'm sick of only seeing Spike Lee and Jack Nicholson at games.

4. The user who goes by @ItsMeMarnie responded with this: "Really, Rob Lowe??? My 80's teen image of you, now destroyed." Really?His famous sex tape with a 16-year-old and 22-year-old in 1988 didn't already do that?

5. Thank you for making a major Hollywood celebrity feel welcome in our country. It's not like Canada's lucky to have so many films shot above the 49th, or anything...

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